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I hear you ... Andover government spending, indebtedness, and property taxes have risen rapidly, causing many to question whether money is well-spent and delivering priority results. I want to dig in, ask tough questions, and respectfully challenge assumptions so that you and all Andover taxpayers are fully informed, can better understand and participate in Town decision making, and get the effective Town services your taxes and expectations deserve. Financial strength, affordability, education, and important social services are allies, not enemies. Only a sound financial footing creates real possibility to debate, choose, and act meaningfully on our priorities.

Financial sustainability

Andover property taxes and debt have grown far faster than inflation ... Read More

Deliver priority results

Our Town spending should be concentrated on real priorities instead of spread so ineffectively. Top priorities I hear from fellow residents are ... Read More

Clear, honest information

Long, detailed budget documents and Finance Committee reports and hours upon hours of video of board and committee meeting are fine for detailed reference, but are not effective for quickly and efficiently informing residents ... Read More

Supporting our seniors

We have a beautiful Senior Center in Andover and an amazing, wide range of excellent programs run from there. But ... Read More

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