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Deliver priority results

Our Town spending should be concentrated on real priorities instead of spread so ineffectively. Top priorities I hear from fellow residents are:

  • Town and School administration should be lean and efficient.
  • School budgets and resource allocations must be transparent and aligned to credible plans to make Andover a top-10 Massachusetts public school system.
  • Maintain solid funding for important common-good public safety, public works, library, and senior and youth centers.
  • A greater percentage of the budget must be dedicated to maintaining the investments we have already made. Examples: NOW solutions are required for replacing problem water mains and stopping brown water delivery, accelerating repair of unsafe sidewalks already assessed RED by the Town, and removing or replacing many remaining dangerous trees and limbs.
  • We have too many committees, initiatives, plans and fancy pictures that are not progressing or delivering results. Winnow these down to a small number of agreed priorities, focus energy and funding, and accomplish something! Examples: Complete Streets and the Shawsheen River Master Plan have been around for years and yet nothing meaningful has come from either. What if we dedicated a bigger part of our budget to really start building a no-car, shared-use path along the river, safely connecting Shawsheen, Downtown, Ballardvale, and beyond?

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