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2023 Election

I am writing to support Kevin Coffey’s candidacy for selectman in Andover. We are blessed to live in a wonderful town that is blessed in so many ways. We have great schools, Police, Fire and Public Works departments, and always supportive town offices. Having recently retired, I have already realized the blessings of the Robb Senior Center. It was very informative last month to have the assistant town manager visit there to review his vision for Andover’s green spaces.

This can only be continued by competent town governance. It is with gratitude that I welcome Kevin’s willingness to bring his life experience and wisdom to our Select Board. As an MIT engineer and business management degree recipient who has led multiple businesses, he understands how to achieve results with our tax investments and use goals and metrics to drive improvement. As I became familiar with him, I appreciated his open-minded questioning and challenging analysis in order to make informed decisions for the good of the town and its employees.

For many of us, the education of our children is the litmus test of the suitability of any candidate. Kevin is a 27-year resident of Andover who raised his children here. I have every confidence that Kevin Coffey should have a seat on the Andover Select Board in the near future when many critical decisions will be made regarding Andover’s future.

Thomas Hoerner

— Thomas Hoerner

Kevin Coffey, a twenty-seven-year Andover resident, is running for Select Board in our March 28, 2023 election.

Kevin is concerned that the rate of increases in Town spending and property taxes are unsustainable and that far too few questions are being asked about the priority and effectiveness of the investments we are making. He believes that we should have clear goals and measures, better plans for maintenance and replacement of assets without need of special additional taxes or debt, and far more understandable and interactive communications with residents. He wants to rebuild confidence and trust with genuine listening, clear information, full disclosure, candor and honesty and squeaky-clean ethics, and prefers to be cautious with public spending and very respectful of individual choices.

After receiving Mechanical Engineering and Business Management degrees from MIT in 1984, Kevin led several international technology businesses and now works as a semi-retired independent consultant and investor supporting other business leaders. He is a strong communicator and team builder, does his homework, is very engaged and attentive, and asks lots of probing questions to fully understand all sides of issues.

Kevin has never been a politician and does not intend to make politics a second career, but wants to bring perspective, problem-solving abilities, work ethic, and people focus to the Select Board to improve Andover.

When asked about the Andover High School project, Kevin said, “While investment in effective education of our next generations is critically important to me and is surely a defining part of Andover, the school building committee has not disclosed any cost estimate for the project and has not shown linkages between priorities in the proposed building and key elements of the education plan required to improve the education of our students. We undoubtedly need to make a significant investment in the high school sometime soon to overcome real deficiencies there, but without more candid discussion, I cannot say now that the current proposals would improve educational outcomes and would thus be a good investment of taxpayer money.”

I am voting for Kevin Coffey for Select Board. I urge you to do the same.

Paul MacKay
Andover, Mass.

— Paul MacKay
Very impressed with Kevin. Definitely the right person for the position. — John O'Hara

Kevin Coffey is an Andover Select Board candidate concerned about the cumulative impact of tax increases the community has endured in recent years.

In a recent conversation, there was a moment where Kevin and I had a difference of opinion. Initially, I thought his reaction was a bit defensive. As we continued our conversation; I noticed he asked for clarification of my points and paused to analyze his own perspective.

I realized I had misinterpreted something. I imposed my own bias on Kevin, when he was simply approaching a conflict with a sense of urgency. Kevin Coffey is not a defensive person, but rather a passionate problem solver.

I support Kevin Coffey for Select Board because he takes time to look at the potholes and safety of the sidewalks on his morning walks through Andover.

I support Kevin Coffey because he is dedicated to supporting the quality of Andover’s educational system, even though his children are past college and working.

I support Kevin Coffey because he spends hours of his day listening to residents’ needs, meeting with Town department heads, and still makes time in the evening to bake chocolate cookies for friends.

I support Kevin Coffey because he recalls the outline of the sign at the Luncheonette when he first walked in twenty-seven years ago for breakfast, and to which he is still loyal today.

I cannot foresee if Kevin Coffey will agree with every viewpoint that I may present in the future. What I do know is will dedicate himself to the community as a team player with the whole Select Board, School Board, and Town administration for the best possible results for Andover.

How could I possibly know that? Because he is doing it! Integrity, loyalty and transparency are values that Kevin Coffey will tell you are important himself. Just ask him!

Kevin Coffey is open, available, and accessible to represent the needs of Andover residents. Please remember this when you vote on March 28.

Ruby Mari Nieves

— Ruby Nieves


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